Currently it is only possible to see build version like 10586 or 14939 for Windows 10 workstations. It would be nice to have more details about the Windows Build (for example 10586.753), especially together with Patch Management.


  • I'm in favor of anything that enhances the inventory capabilities of ZENworks.

  • +1 as Christian mentioned this would ease things especially with ZPM

  • Hi, i agree need much more details on the Windows 10 versions, be good to have on the Summary page the Version so 1511, 1607, 1703 and so on. Then be good to have dynamic groups based on Version 1511 (November Update), Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) and Version 1703 (Creators Update). I've done this in ZPM for patch polices but no way to do this in ZCM.

  • ReleaseId value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion holds the 1511 1607 1703 1709 1803 values
    så based on that a Dynamic group could be created. This shoudl show up in ZCC devices section just between Operating system and Last Contact Columns

  • I see the Build Number as an available filter for dynamic groups, but I don't see a way to pull in the value of a registry key. Happy to receive some group education if there's a trick for that, but otherwise I believe we're still waiting for an engineering solution to use this registry information.

    Assuming the ZPM solution mentioned is based on a substring contained within the patch name. If not I'm interested in your technique, Spencer.

  • Hi Bruce, with ZPM they do use the Microsofts year/month friendly release naming, so setup up patch policy rule that says Patch Name contains windows 10 and patch name contains 1709, hope that helps. In ZCM I've had to use Operating System Build and this table helps - So all very much work arounds.

  • Hi Spencer - I figured you were taking advantage of the MS naming conventions as you describe. More and more we need this particular bit of information in a readily accessible spot in ZCM and the other ZENworks modules.

  • Thanks for your feedback. This has been implemented in Update 3 across both ZCM & ZPM.