With enhancements for various products now moving to this new Ideas system can we please have an index page listing those products covered by this system?


  • agree!

  • agree!!!

  • This is being done as part of the official roll-out, probably next week. We sent out the initial notifications to try and make sure there was some good content in there when we go live. Thanks for the Idea.

  • Fully agree!!! The site navigation is horrible!!!

  • How there is a real index page, we need to see it on each of the dedicated product ideas pages so we can get back to the index. Like a breadcrumb link...

  • where is?

  • https://www.novell.com/products/enhancement-request.html though unfortunately not linked from within Ideas system itself ...

  • Also redirect https://ideas.microfocus.com to this index/list of products.

  • "about one year ago" ...next week... jason? tnx, so much!

  • Maybe next week ? :o)

  • https://www.novell.com/products/enhancement-request.html ;-)

  • Isn't that what I said 10 months ago ... ? ;-)

  • from a user perspective...
    ...i cannot remember "https://www.novell.com/products/enhancement-request.html" so easy and i don't wanna have to google that link all the time, i wanna use it...
    and yes i'm aware of "bookmarks", - but i use 3 different browsers on two machines in these days...
    i just wanna type "ideas.microfocus.com" and land here:

    shouldn't be sooo complicated to have that implemented!

  • https://www.novell.com/products/enhancement-request.html
    works for me. It redirects you to the requested ideas page

  • Peter, that link has been named 4 times now in this idea. The problem is that the contents of that page are not on the ideas site itself, so it is not integral to navigating the site. What is really needed is for the ideas site to have links to all the other MicroFocus ideas pages so we don't have to go to a different site to change to a different ideas page.

  • You'll hopefully note that the URL of the Ideas site is not a Micro Focus one so the best that you can hope for is the Micro Focus (Novell) hosted page that has repeatedly been listed in comments here.

  • The ideas portal page has moved here: https://www.microfocus.com/products/enhancement-request/

  • Hi Kevin,
    https://www.microfocus.com/products/enhancement-request/ still lists RMS for the NetIQ brand. But RMS has been deprecated long ago and the NetIQ products have also moved to the ideas portal. For example:
    Please update the enhancement-request page.

  • Would a "site map" link in the footer (thus displayed on every page under ideas.microfocus.com/) make sense? I.e., a link that took you to a "Table of Contents" which included links to each currently-supported product idea page?

  • David - that sounds like a good way to handle this.

  • This basic idea lasts over one year ... when the content/index page will be present?