We have the preferred e-mail address and we have many allowable e-mail addresses but the user thus far is unable to decide which one to use in the FROM field when sending Internet mail. Sometimes, it's desirable for a user to use joe@domain.com rather than joe.smith@domain.com or jsmith@alternatedomain.com ... and it would be nice if the user could choose on the fly and to select which to use as the default.

OF COURSE, this ought to be able to be overridden at the admin console level. Some organizations would like to enforce uniformity but others could allow flexibility.

I envision this as a drop down like we see now in the GW client -- it currently picks the active account or a proxy accould but this could be expanded so within whatever mail from account we could pick which address to use.


  • It's very necesary.

  • Not to mention the ability to send mail impersonating as the address of a distribution list, nickname and so on.

  • This is very similar to this other Idea at


  • This feature was implented in older Groupwise versions.

  • Umm, no. You must be misunderstanding this idea.