I use since years the google calender, since I am travelling often, and cannot always work with VPN. However, also on travels I need to update my calender, and therefore I use the google calender. Before using groupwise, I used thunderbird with the lighntnis calender. Here, it was no problem to synchronise, in both directions, so either I was in my university, or could use VPN and worked via lightning, or I worked via google calender.
Please find a way to realise such a functionality in groupwise calender. If I cannot update a calender when I am travelling, it is not useful. Also, I cannot easily add extern partners to the groupwise calender. In the thunderbird system, I could propose meetings to extern partners, just by a simple calender entry. I am very much missin this feature, since it allowed a very transparent management of meetings. Also, I have a private calender, togehter with the many shared calenders (all for work!) and could see all calenders at the same time - part of them synchronised by extern partners, when necessary. It would be very important, that in modern times groupwise add functionality here. Synchronising software, like already suggestes a year ago in this forum, would do the trick, and it would be great if that was implemented.


  • Groupwise has all that functionality forever since. Talk to your IT Department to enable it or why they won't let you access your calendar when you're travelling.

  • Allowing to synch other vendor calendar into GW or vice versa would be very beneficial