I know this may be a minor convenience request but it would certainly be helpful. Maybe this could integrate into GWAVA for added delivery security for end users who require metadata being removed from their attachments. See below from my question in the forums.

One of our last products that supported GW has ceased support. Nothing surprising there but this has put us in a bit of bind because the utility does not work on GW18 or GW2014R2 on Win 10. It still works on Win 7. The name of the product is Scrub by BigHand (BigHand Scrub). This app pops up when we hit Send on an email if there are attachments present. The pop-up menu asks us if we want to remove the metadata from the attachments or send without removing. It quickly processes/removes and on we go. Our users are in the Legal field and it is imperative that we are able to remove Meta from files before send. I know MS and Adobe can do this but you need to remove the meta for each file before sending them.



  • This is a fucntionality that by all means *must* happen before the mail gets sent. Altering the content of emails after the fact is somewhere between nasty, dangerous, illegal or impossible. Think of encryption/signing for example.