Filr Integration in GroupWise is not completed for usefulness.

1. The sender has to be informed, that the file is too big for sending with gw itself and therefore has to be loaded to Filr, not only an upload bar.
2. The addressee should be informed that a file is ready for download and why. This should be a customizable template. A download link should be shown in the informational mail body.
3. Upload file to FILR in background in a seperated thread, we handle huge files here. No user likes to wait for an upload.

The ideas are all great but lack usability.

I told you about some integration ideas like this years ago (10+). Now you give use an email throwdown. The same mechanisms work for messengers.


  • I'll add the necessary ability to configure stuff like expiry time from groupwise.

  • Yes, the link to the download files should be able to expire and deleted from the filr storage as well (optional)